Theory and Up Close

When it comes to creating art, I consider myself to be a colorist. For me, color has the power to drive moods and expressions. As a child, if I was asked, "what is your favorite color?", my reply would be, "Rainbow!". I love all the colors, as each one has it's own individual identity. Also, during my childhood I often was fascinated with the tiny world of insects. I would spend time outside in my family's home garden, with a pocket book handed down to me by my father, "A Golden Guide: Insects''. I would spend time watching spiders spin wheels and collect caterpillars to observe their transformations.


As an adult I no longer collect insects, but my childhood inquiries have led me to become a fan of the natural world, specifically with colorful plant life. Now, I further explore the theory of color and close up imagery with my camera, which is shared in this collection.

Please visit my Print Gallery to view my collection of select color images.