In 2017 I was invited to participate in a collaborative all women group art exhibit, with the theme of “Light and Dark”. I choose to process images in black and white, as these neutral colors reflect the juxtapositional idea of the theme. To visually expand on the theme, each image has been thoughtfully processed for contrast that exhibits clarity and boldness. The final selected works for the exhibition suggests a narrative of nature’s most common cycle of growth and decay - life and death. The mini collection, titled “Prayers for Rain”, is also meant to touch in the environmental issue of drought, which tends to be a yearly concern for California. Original glicee prints have been hand mounted onto handmade wooden panels that were made by the nine collaborating artists.

Pray for Rain

When the Sun Comes


Rest to Memory

The collaborative project has inspired me to process more images into the neutrality of black and white photographs with transitional inverse themes.


Summoning Spring

Crash Into You

Please visit my Print Gallery to view more in my collection of select black and white images.