California native, Melissa McCluskey, first became interested in the artistic medium of photography during her childhood years. She was a staff photographer for her high school’s newspaper and yearbook. Later, she studied the formalities of photography in the community college and university settings.


Melissa shoots primarily in digital, but has an experience of the darkroom process. Her photography interests range in documentary, journalism, street, abstract, botanical and landscape photography; incorporating all in her travel adventures. She explores these interests through wide and close-up lenses. Her images are carefully balanced with symmetry or asymmetry.


Among subjects of weeds, litter, graffiti and other unsightly matter, nature is a most common theme of her photographs...

I feel there is beauty to be found in everything…visual prejudice is transcended in order to find a deeper connection to life and an understanding of surrounding environments.


For her, photography is a creative outlet of “a meditative process”, in which patience and intuition is necessary when searching to find the “ah-ha” moment to capture.


Melissa is curious in continuing to find new ways to express herself through photography, as well as, other art mediums. Melissa has earned a B.A. in Art Education from CSUSB. Art is a foundational passion that drives her. She is eager to share this passion with others. She currently works as an Education Specialist, M.A. for a local k-12 school district. As an educator Melissa teaches students with the objective for them to become successful and confident in their own driven passions, whether it be art or something else.